3 Little Known Fun Facts About Driving Rules in Australia

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When you start learning to drive in a driving school in Quakers Hill, you will be taught about the country’s driving rules and driving lessons. However, some little-known rules about driving are often only known by common people if they break one! So, to avoid that in future, here are some of them.


You can’t drive with a dog on your lap

Yes, all across Australia, driving while holding your dog on your lap is illegal. Of course, any sane person with a large dog won’t think of doing it; but smaller dogs are often easier to carry this way. There has been an increase in breaking this rule, with more people having miniature poodles or toy breeds like chihuahua as pets. You will be fined points on your driving license if you are found doing this. So, don’t put your life, your pet’s life and other people’s life on the road by driving with your dog on your lap.


Driving too slowly

Most of us know that driving over the prescribed speed limit will lead to fines and even our license suspension. However, the opposite is also true; driving too slowly is illegal all across Australia. You may argue that driving slowly doesn’t harm anyone, so why fine? But if you drive too slowly, you block the road and cars behind you, which can lead to traffic congestion. Hence drive at the given speed limit or a little below it and be safe everywhere driving in Australia.


Don’t splash pedestrians at a bus stop

How often have you seen the scene where the protagonist of a movie/series stands at a bus stop, and a car goes by and splashes mud all over them? Well, it may look funny, but it is very uncomfortable if it happens in real life. And if you are in New South Wales, your driving school in Quaker’s Hill may tell you that it is illegal! Yes, it is illegal to splash pedestrians at a bus stop in NSW. So, if you are driving anywhere in this state, stay clear of puddles near a bus stop and don’t “muddy” your driving license.


And now a rule that was there and thankfully has been repelled in 2021. And the rule was that it was illegal to carry more than 50 Kg of potatoes in your car. Thankfully, it only applied in Western Australia, and now it is no longer a rule.

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