New South Wales Mobile Phone Rules And How It Is Tied To Your Driving License

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One of the things that a good driving school in Castle Hill will teach you when you are learning to drive from them is the mobile phone rules in New South Wales. If you are a new driver or new diving license and unsure about these rules, here are some of the main points to know.


Let’s start with the most basic ones. As per NSW laws, mobile phone users are allowed to answer or make calls without touching the handset. The same rule is applied when the user tries to use the GPS function of the phone or its audio-playing functions. However, this is for experienced drivers only; provincial drivers and learners are prohibited from using phones when driving a car. Even motorcycle learners who are novices are banned from using phones while riding their motorcycles. Even Bluetooth and other hands-free mobile phone functions are not to be used.


Now let’s see the fines and penalties you must face if you break the mobile phone rules. Let’s start with new learners. P1 and learner drivers will face a three-month suspension if caught using the phone behind the wheel. P2 drivers will have 5 demerit points; if the incident happened in a school zone, the demerit point will become 10. If it happened during the double-demerit period, which includes Christmas Day, Easter, Labour Day, New Year’s Day and others, the demerit point will also be 10. And once your demerit point threshold is crossed, your license will be suspended.


Coming to experienced and regular license holders, the fine for breaking the rules is $352 in other zones, excluding school zones. In school zones, the fine amount is $448. The demerit points are the same as new learners; 5 in most cases and 10 if caught in a school zone or on double-demerit days. 


Here are three FAQs regarding mobile rules for new learners, which your driving school in Quakers Hill will also tell you about.


Can I use my phone to text?

No, restricted license holders are not allowed to use a phone when behind wheels in any situation, be it texting, answering calls, playing music and more. 


How do I use my phone when driving?

If you are a restricted driver, you must park the car on the side before using any functions of your mobile phone. 


Do I have to turn off the ignition before touching my phone when I park?

To touch your phone, as a restricted driver, you should first park the car away from traffic and then touch it. Turning off the ignition is not mandatory.

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