3 Things To Know Before You Start Learning To Drive

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Learning to drive is something everyone looks forward to as a sign of growing up. Most teenagers look forward to learning to drive when they are of age. For some, it means gaining freedom. For others, it shows how mature they are. And this is something you can learn at any age, but before looking for cheap driving lessons in Blacktown, here are some things to know about driving in Australia.

To start with, issuing driver’s licenses is somewhat similar across all Australian states. For example, before you take lessons to learn how to drive, you need to get a learner’s permit. Known as L, it can be valid from 6 months to a year. The only exception is Tasmania, where there are two learner licenses called L1 and L2. After a learner’s permit, drivers must apply for a P1 license, where they will be tested for their driving and practical knowledge. For the next license, there is an age limit of 25 in most states except ACT, where it is 26. Anyone under this age must wait for a year or two before applying for a P2 license. Those above can directly apply for a P2 license. A full or open driver’s license is only issued when this probationary period for a P2 license is over.

The probationary period is very vital if you are looking to get a full driver’s license. The main aim of this period is to make young drivers become responsible drivers. They can drive unsupervised, but they have to follow more stringent rules when it comes to legal blood alcohol content as well as how demerit points are calculated. For example, the blood alcohol content or BAC for L or P1 or P2 drivers is 0.00, while it is 0.05 for those with an open or full license. It means when you are learning to drive or are new to driving, you cannot drink and drive.

The minimum hours you need to learn to drive before applying for any practical test depends on the state you live in. For example, New South Wales requires a minimum of 120 hours of the day driving and 20 hours of night driving before you can apply for a P1 or P2 license. Whereas in Northern Territory, there is no minimum hour requirement.

So, these are three things you need to know before learning to drive. Now that you know them, it is time to look for cheap driving lessons in Blacktown.

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