First Time Driver? Then Learn These Hacks

Driving School in Hills District

Driving is a skill every adult should know. This is why you will find that people always search for good driving school in Hills District. But even learning from a good driving school doesn’t take away the anxiety and stress first-time drivers feel when they have to give their driving license test. So, if you have been stressing out about your upcoming driving license test, try these hacks to pass with colours.


Emergency Situation:


One of the things that testers test new drivers is their reflexes when it comes to emergency situations. Hence, to prove that you can keep cool during such a situation, you must show your tester that you know the difference between an emergency brake and a normal brake. You can do so by jamming the brake a little harder when you are being tested to brake in a jam than you could when normally braking. Do it seamlessly, and it will surely impress your examiner.


Unwritten Rules:


The next point is an unwritten rule; no driving school instructor will explicitly teach you this. But they will tell you to show you know what to check before pulling out of a parking lot. This is because the examiner will look at how you get ready to drive. So, the moment you check something in the checklist of things to do before leaving the parking lot, say “check” loudly. Of course, make it look as if you are talking to yourself! The things you should “check” include blind spots, potholes and so on. You can be sure that your examiner will take note of it, and getting that passed slip will become all the easier.


Side Mirror Role:


Looking at the mirror is a must during your driving test. During normal driving, we occasionally look at the side mirror and the rear mirror because it has become a habit by then. But during the driving license test, you should watch these two mirrors throughout the exam duration. Rest assured, your examiner will note that you did it.


Your driving school in Castle Hill instructor will warn you regarding not speeding during the driving license test. However, the opposite is also true. Don’t try to impress your tester or examiner by driving too slowly. If you drive too slowly for no reason, it will only show your examiner that you are not confident behind the wheel and will deny your license. Hence always drive a little below the mandated driving speed.