Fear Parallel Parking? Then Read These 3 Tips

Driving School Castle Hill

No matter which driving school in Castle Hill a driver goes to, one thing most new drivers fear is parallel parking. Even drivers who have been driving for some time have difficulty doing this manoeuvre. But fear not; whether you are learning to drive in a driving school or have been driving for some time, these following tips on how to do parallel parking will help you out.

Know your car’s size

The one thing most people fear about parallel parking is hitting the car behind or in front. It would help to overcome this if you were confident about your car’s size. Stay under the size written in the car’s description or manual; always do field tests to determine how much space your car occupies. So, the next time you park your car anywhere, go around it. See how much space it is taking up. One thing to note is how much the car’s chassis extends after the wheels. Also, note the space left between the car’s tail and nearby objects when you think you have parked too close. All these will give you confidence about your car’s size, and you can judge a parking spot for parallel parking better.

Practise well

Before parking in an actual situation, you should practise parallel parking in a stress-free environment. An empty parking lot is the best spot for that. It will have the parking spot marks that you have to park within. For your benefit, see if you can gather some plastic cones to practise better. If you can park without hitting those cones, you are good to do parallel parking.

Watch out for two things

No matter how much you learned from your driving school in Blacktown and practised doing parallel parking, always first check the position of the cars in front and back of you. You should go down to the car and check if they are parked within their areas. Only some people are good drivers. Some park horribly without considering the people in the adjoining spot. If you are unlucky enough to have both the car in front and back parked a little over their parking spot, consider if you can park in there. Even if your car is small, if the other drivers have yet to park right, you may hit them.