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Local Driving School in Blacktown

If you live in Blacktown or surrounding areas, and want to learn driving or looking for a good driving school for your teenager child, then you have reached the right place! We can help you with finding the best driving school in Blacktown and nearby suburbs like Castle Hill.

If you are searching for driving lessons in Blacktown or surrounding suburbs, then look no further, we can help you with this.

To drive a car with safe driving habits, one must take driving lessons from the experienced driving instructors. For this you must be searching best driving schools near you around Blacktown.

An experienced driving instructor will make your learning journey pleasant and instil life long safe driving habits.

Driving Lessons Blacktown – GREEN AND GOLD DRIVING SCHOOL


Green and Gold Driving School is one off the highly rated driving schools in Blacktown.

Benefits Of Learning With Green and Gold Driving School

  • 95% pass rate
  • Learn safe driving skills to pass the test and drive safe for life
  • Get 3 bonus logbook hours for 1 hour with a licensed instructor. Only for the first 10 hours with a driving instructor
  • Pick up and drop off from mutually agreed location. Can also be picked up from school/work (local areas only)

As a highly recommend driving school in Blacktown. We provide following services;

  • Novice Learners Nervous Learners
  • Driving Test Preparation Blacktown
  • Driving Lessons Blacktown
  • Parallel Reverse Parking
  • Three-Point Turns
  • Kerbside Park
  • Lane Changing
  • Pre-test Assessment
  • Driving test package

Driving School will also help you in learning all the rules of Start-Stop-Move numerous times with ease so that you can make your grip to drive your car confidently.

Apart from giving you driving lessons, our driving instructors can help you to prepare for the driving test too. They will explain to you the common mistakes committed and how to correct them before going for the driving test in Blacktown.

Green and Gold Driving School is providing a driving lesson, driving classes for tests in Blacktown. Our instructors are the Well qualified and experienced instructors and are RMS accredited.

The correct choice of the driver instructor will make a positive difference in your learning experience and you will attain lifelong safe driving skills.

The way our driver instructors impart the driving lessons to their students, it makes the learning journey more relaxed and rewarding. Our instructors offer driving lessons in the easy to understand language so that learners can understand imparted information easily, during their learning process.

Driving School & Driving Lessons Blacktown

Our driving school in Blacktown will give you driving lessons according to your busy schedule. For this, We have categorized our driver education lessons in various packages. You can choose us for hourly drivers training, a single session or for test preparation. To know more about our Pricing & Packages you can check here.


Q. How Much Does The Driving School Cost In Blacktown?

A. We at GreenAndGold Driving School offers fully insured & affordable prices for your driving lessons. If you are interested in getting driving lessons in Blacktown from us, then you can check our Pricing & Packages on our site.

Q. Do You Need A Permit To Go To Driving School?

A. Yes, you require a valid and current learner’s licence. You can choose any driving lesson packages according to your requirement by visiting our packages page of our driving school website. But to get your learner driving license, you need to be 16 or older.

Q. How Many Hours Of Driving School Do You Need?

A. It varies from person to person. Depending upon one’s driving experience. To know more about this, you can contact us driving school in Blacktown +61 422 883 323.

Our trainers are well equipped to ensure that learners are getting clarity of basic concepts and knowledge of safe driving techniques. Look below to find out more about the local areas covered by Green and Gold Driving School.

For the driving lessons and driving tests, we cover the areas surrounding Blacktown. Pick up and drop off at mutually agreed location in the local areas.