Going To Give Your Driving Test? Then Don’t Make These 2 Mistakes

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Suppose you are undergoing driving test preparation in Blacktown. In that case, avoiding certain mistakes that can hamper your success is very important. Here are two of the most common ones.

The biggest mistake that makes people fail their driving test is not doing a head check while trying to merge, move, change lanes, complete or turn a manoeuvre. You must check out your blind spot, an essential observation skill. Driving examiners look out how novice drivers are doing their head checking, which often determines whether the person will pass. Here is a list of situations where you must first do a head check for blind spots before driving:

  1. If you are doing a Three Point Turn and returning to the kerb.
  2. Leaving the kerb to join the traffic
  3. Diverging, merging or changing lanes
  4. Turning at intersections
  5. Crossing a lane in a road that doesn’t have a roundabout and when exiting the lane
  6. When doing a reverse parallel park

Another time when you should do a head check is when you start your car at a traffic stop. When the signal turns green, you should do a head check to see no cars coming from the other side of the traffic that has overrun a red signal.

The second common mistake that first-time driving test candidates make is not giving signals or not giving signals for enough time. As per the rules, you should show your signals for at least 5 seconds before you leave a kerb position or a parking spot. And most importantly, you should show the examiner that you know the right moment to give the signals. Signals given too early or too late will confuse other drivers when you are driving in real life. You can’t leave your indicator on, which will confuse other drivers. When you give a signal, you will not only change the direction of your car, but the cars seeing your signal may also change their direction. Suppose you fail to do it repeatedly during your driving test. In that case, your examiner will not be able to mark you as a successful candidate.

So, these are two major mistakes you should avoid when given a driving test. Best driving schools in Blacktown teach their student drivers these diligently, so be sure to learn from one.

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