Major Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test And How You Can Avoid It

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There are many people who, despite going to a good driving school in Quakers Hill, fail to pass their driving test. However, it can be avoided by paying attention to these four mistakes that may stop you from getting a driving license.

Didn’t stop at a stop sign

One major mistake student learners make when giving their driving license test is not stopping totally when at a stop sign. When you see a stop sign, you have to stop totally. But most make the mistake of slowing down at a stop sign. Or they come rolling down to a stop sign. Both of these can cost you your driving license. So when learning to drive, make sure you learn how to slowly come to a “full stop” when seeing a stop sign.

Not maintaining the “Give way” rule

Another major blunder that student drivers make, which backfires on them, is not following the proper procedure for the “Give way” sign. The correct step when you see the “Give way” sign is to slow down and then check the traffic and the road before getting on the road. If the road is unclear, you should stop fully, let the other cars go and then get on the road.

Not maintaining the speed limits in certain zones

Speeding is the biggest mistake you can do when giving your driving license test. This is a traffic violation that most states and territories in Australia are very particular about. Hence, when giving your driving license test, if you come across certain zones with speed limits, pay attention to them and never exceed the speed limit. But that doesn’t mean you will drive really slowly in those speed zones as that too can be dangerous as it can hold up the traffic behind you. The best rule is to drive within a margin so that even if you suddenly speed up by mistake, you won’t exceed that zone’s speed limit.

Driving in the wrong direction

Now this is a driving mistake made mostly by people who just came to Australia from a country that drives to the opposite side of the road. To avoid that, you must first take ample driving lessons from a good driving school in Castle Hill, even if you have a driving license in your country. A good adjustment time is what you need to overcome this mistake during your Australian driving test.

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